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Transmission Date:Wednesday 7th February 2018
Channel:BBC Two
Venue:Brighton Dome


Mel Giedroyc
Måns Zelmerlöw
Panel:Rylan Clark-Neal
Rochelle Humes
Tom Fletcher

Programme Editor:

Guy Freeman
Director:Richard Valentine
Senior Producer:Helen Riddell
Music Director::Hugh Goldsmith
Contingency Producer:Steve Hocking
Production Manager:Sarah Hulme
Production Team:Molly Hart
Jack McDonnell
Anastazia Pienazek
VT Producer:Gemma Hodgson
Commissioning Editors:Kalpna Patel-Knight
Production Executive:Paul Williams
Business Affairs Executive:Selena Harvey
Publicity:Chris McCluskey
Lizzi Morton
Production Co-ordinator:Jen Bollom
Researcher:Glen Bartlett
Julien Rigal
Graphics Operator:Jeremy Tidy
Editor:Steve Turnbull
Digital Producer:Nora Ryan
Floor Manager:Roger Dempster
Stage Manager:Jon Lambe
Set Designer:Sarah Milton
Lighting Designer:Nigel Camur
Sound Supervisor:Toby Alington
Camera Supervisor:Mike Callan
EVS Operator:James Bennett
Vision Supervisor:Dave Roberts
Rigging Supervisor:Tom Ellis
Technical Producer:James Bonnar
Engineering Manager:James Wilson
Creative Director:Dan Shipton
Choreographer:Jay Revell
Vocal Coach:Mark De-Lisser
Stylists:Frank Strachan
Rachel Thomas
Hair & Make-Up:Jo Penford
Marcos Gurgel
Writer:Edward af Sillén
Vision Mixer:Simon Sanders


50% Televoting
50% Professional jury

Winning Song:

  • A recording of Eurovision: You Decide 2018 still exists in the BBC archives.
  • Overnight ratings (i.e. before any catch-up viewing) indicated that the broadcast was watched by 920,000 viewers with a market share of 4.8%. This compared with 1.26 million viewers and a 6.6% share for the previous year's edition.


SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersVotesPosition
1CrazyEmil Rosendal Lei, Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir & Samir Salah ElshafieRAYA-UnknownUnknown
2AstronautAshley Hicklin, Jacob Pedersen, Jeanette Bonde & Rune BraagerLiam Tamne-UnknownUnknown
3LegendsChristopher Wortley, Laurell Barker & Roel RatsAsanda-UnknownUnknown
4YouAshley Hicklin, Herman Gardarfve & Laura WhiteJaz Ellington-UnknownUnknown
5StormNicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean HargreavesSuRie-Unknown1
6I Feel The LoveEric Lumiere, Joakim Buddee, Laura White & Roel RatsGoldstoneAimie, Helen & RhiannonUnknownUnknown
  • Precise voting details were not revealed to the public.
  • Storm reached No. 50 in the UK charts.

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SuRie at The Eurovision Song Contest 2018


At The Eurovision Song Contest 2018

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At the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday 12th May 2018, Storm finished in 24th place with 48 points. During SuRie's performance, a protester stormed the stage, interrupting her performance. Despite being given the opportunity, SuRie decided against performing a second time.

Graham Norton provided the TV commentary for BBC 1. Ken Bruce provided the radio commentary for BBC Radio 2. Mel Giedroyc acted as BBC spokesperson, announcing the results of the United Kingdom professional jury.

Scott Mills and Rylan Clark-Neal provided the commentary for BBC Four Television for the semi-finals held on Tuesday 8th May 2018 and Thursday 10th May 2018.