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In 1995, the BBC reintroduced the policy of different artists performing the eight songs in contention to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest were. They were previewed during a Top of the Pops Song for Europe Special broadcast on BBC One on Friday 24th March 1995, with all eight songs featuring in the A Song for Europe show on Friday 31st March 1995.

A separate results show was broadcast on BBC One the same evening with the selection of the winning song undertaken by public phone vote.

BBC Radio 2 simulcast the A Song for Europe final but not the results show.

Transmission Date:Friday 31st March 1995

BBC Radio 2
Results Show:BBC One only: 22.10-22.30


Terry Wogan
Radio Commentary:Ken Bruce

Executive Producer :

Kevin Bishop
Director:John L Spencer


Public phone vote

Winning Song:

Love City Groove
Love City Groove



  • The scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop and laptop devices

SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersVotesPosition
1I Need YouIan Curnow, Phil Harding & Rob KeenDeuce Kelly O'Keefe, Lisa Armstrong, Paul Holmes & Craig Young73,4673
2Spinning AwayPaul Harris & Martin SmithPaul Harris-19,2397
3I'm Just Your Puppet On A...(String)Jimmy Chambers,Liam Henshall, Jimmy Helms & George ChandlerLondonbeatJimmy Chambers, Jimmy Helms & William Henshall35,4346
4Go For The HeartSamantha Fox & Jonathan DurnoSox Samantha Fox, Chris Bonacci & Lauraine McIntosh65,4364
5Then There's A Knock At The DoorEric Stewart & Graham GouldmanFffStuart Maxwell, Leigh Maxwell, Gary John Owens & Dyfed Glyn Roberts17,2168
6One Gift Of LoveGraeme WatsonDear Jon Julie Staines, Justine Hertz, Lidia Cascarino, Tina Sullivan & Keith McFarlane81,3592
7Rainbows And YouJohn Wilson & Malcolm MaddockSimon Spiro-43,2995
8Love City GrooveStephen Rudden, Tatsiana Mais, Jay Williams & Paul HardyLove City Groove Stephen Rudden, Jay Williams, Paul Hardy & Reason140,1741

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  • Love City Groove reached No. 7 in the UK charts.
  • I Need You reached No. 10 in the UK charts.
  • Go For The Heart reached No. 47 in the UK charts.
  • I'm Just Your Puppet On A...(String) reached No. 55 in the UK charts.
  • One Gift Of Love reached No. 68 in the UK charts.

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Love City Groove at The Eurovision Song Contest 1995


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1995

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 13th May 1995, Love City Groove finished in equal 10th place with 76 points. The song was conducted by Mike Dixon.

Terry Wogan provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Ken Bruce provided the commentary for BBC Radio 2.