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Transmission Date:Wednesday 26th March 1980
Channel:BBC One
Venue:BBCTV Theatre


Terry Wogan
Musical Director:John Coleman


Stewart Morris
Sound:Hugh Barker
Lighting:Dickie Higham
Design:Victor Meredith


Fourteen regional juries: Aberdeen, Newcastle, Plymouth, Leeds, Southampton, Bangor, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol, Norwich & Manchester

Winning Song:

Love Enough For Two
Prima Donna



SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersPointsPosition
1Don't Throw Your Love AwayPeter MorrisScramble (Formerly known as Beano) Freddie Philips, Ken Smith, Richard Tallant & John Birch976
2Happy EverythingGeoff Stephens & Don BlackMaggie Moone-1311
3EasyStewart Freeman (Colin Stewart, Alan Stewart, Paul Stewart and Robert Freeman)Plain Sailing Colin Stewart, Alan Stewart, Paul Stewart, Robert Freeman, Alan Coulter & Dave Wintour1114
4Here We'll StayTony Colton & Jean RoussellSonja Jones-5611
5Love Enough For TwoStephanie De-Sykes & Stuart SlaterPrima Donna Danny Finn, Alan Coates, Lance Aston, Sally Ann Triplett, Kate Robbins & Jane Robbins1311
6Symphony For YouJohnny Goodison & Keith MansfieldJacqui Scott-678
7Love Is AlivePaul CurtisDuke & The Aces Paul Curtis, Roland Wollens, Nichola Martin, Tim Clark, Pippa Urry & Bruno Tonioli947
8Everything's All RightRoy WinstonRoy Winston-5810
9Love Comes, Love GrowsGary Sulsh, Stuart LeathwoodMidnite Eddie Howell & Lynne Hillier629
10Gonna Do My BestTerry BradfordThe Main Event Terry Bradford, Helen Baley, Cheryl Baker & Keith Hasler with Josephine Andrews & Julia Roberts4512
11I Want To Be MeMick Flinn & Mark StevensPussyfoot Mick Flinn, Fiona Tucker, Jude Allen, Jackie Dixon, Donna Jones & Annabel Rees1114
12Surrender (see footnote)Richard GillinsonKim Clark-293
1. Don't Throw Your Love Away by Peter Morris
2. Happy Everything by Geoff Stephens & Don Black
3. Easy by Stewart Freeman
4. Here We'll Stay by Tony Colton & Jean Roussell
5. Love Enough For Two by Stephanie De-Sykes & Stuart Slater
6. Symphony For You by Johnny Goodison & Keith Mansfield
7. Love Is Alive by Paul Curtis
8. Everything's All Right by Roy Winston
9. Love Comes, Love Grows by Gary Sulsh & Stuart Leathwoo
10. Gonna Do My Best by Terry Bradford
11. I Want To Be Me by Mick Flinn & Mark Stevens
12. Surrender* by Richard Gillinson

Surrender replaced a song called Tell Me composed by Marty Kristian & Brian Engel and sung byThe New Seekers which had been disqualified from the competition

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  • Surrender replaced a song called Tell Me composed by Marty Kristian & Brian Engel and sung byThe New Seekers which had been disqualified from the competition


1st. Love Enough For Two - Prima Donna*
2nd. Happy Everything - Maggie Moone
3rd. Surrender - Kim Clark
4th =. Easy - Plain Sailing
4th =.I Want To Be Me - Pussyfoot
6th. Don't Throw Your Love Away - Scramble
7th. Love Is Alive - Duke & The Aces
8th. Symphony For You - Jacqui Scott
9th. Love Comes, Love Grows - Midnite 
10th. Everything's All Right - Roy Winston
11th. Here We'll Stay - Sonja Jones
12th. Gonna Do My Best - The Main Event

Love Enough For Two was declared the winner after a tie break voting round

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1Don't Throw Your Love Away10758365910109573976
2Happy Everything11881181010121261012851311
4Here We'll Stay1212424103288545611
5Love Enough For Two812912912121188761161311
6Symphony For You51010127118441211678
7Love Is Alive71111765629733107947
8Everything's All Right2663142423510285810
9Love Comes, Love Grows43247813794442629
10Gonna Do My Best343653311121394512
11I Want To Be Me917511176611121112121114
12Surrender (see footnote)1294910119511121179101293

Tie Break

02 - Happy Everything11111162
05 - Love Enough For Two 1111111181
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Three - The 1980s by Gordon Roxburgh
  • Love Enough For Two reached No. 48 in the UK charts.


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Prima Donna at The Eurovision Song Contest 1980


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1980

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 in The Hague, Netherlands on Saturday 19th April 1980, Love Enough For Two finished in 3rd place with 106 points. The song was conducted by John Coleman.

Terry Wogan provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Steve Jones provided the commentary for both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.