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In 1979, A Song for Europe was due to be broadcast live on Thursday 8th March 1979 on BBC1. However the event was hit by industrial action and could not go ahead.

Instead, juries had to listen to recordings of the songs and vote on them. The results were collected internally on BBC circuits. Unfortunately it is not known how the Manchester jury voted, but this did not affect the outcome.

The production details below relate to the scheduled (cancelled) broadcast.
Transmission Date:Thursday 8th March 1979 (see above)
Channel:BBC One (see above)
Time:19.20-21.00 (see above)
Venue:Royal Albert Hall
London (see above)


Terry Wogan
Musical Director:Alyn Ainsworth

Executive Producer:

Robin Nash
Producer:David G Hillier
Sound:Chris Holcombe
Lighting:Harry Thomas
Design:John Hurst


Fourteen regional juries: Aberdeen, Bangor, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Plymouth & Southampton - see below

Winning Song:

Mary Ann
Black Lace


Songs & Scoreboard

SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersPointsPosition
1Mary AnnPeter MorrisBlack LaceAlan Barton, Terry Dobson, Colin Routh & Steven Scholey1321
2You Are My LifeTony Colton & Jean RousselLynda Virtu-82-
3Who Put The Shine On Your Shoes?Nola YorkIpswichWendy Chapman, Chris Connolly, Jean Perry, Richard Croome, Tim Moore & David Nelson905
4Mr MoonlightHerbie Flowers & Doreen ChanterHerbie Flowers & The DaisiesHerbie Flowers, Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, George Fenton, Barry de Souza & Ken Freeman90-
5Miss Caroline NewleyAdrian BakerM SquadAdrian Baker, Brian Hudson, Tom Marshall, Steve & Colin4411
6Call My NameRoger WhitakerEleanor Keenan-1092
7How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?Ben Findon & Michael MyersGuys 'n' DollsPaul Griggs, Dominic Grant, Martine Howard & Julie Forsyth5610
8All I Needed Was Your LoveDoug TaylorLinda Kendrick-3312
9Home AgainDavid KnowlesMonte CarloBarry Wortley, Paul Wortley, David Knowles & Michael Pearce83-
10Let It All GoPaul CurtisSal Davis-77-
11Harry My Honolulu LoverTerry BradfordThe Nolan SistersMaureen, Anne, Bernie & Linda Nolan1014
12FantasyRichard GillinsonKim Clark-1172

A more detailed scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices



1Mary Ann551191112121211?91112121321
2You Are My Life4671019446?10106582-
3Who Put The Shine On Your Shoes?61155710284?12929905
4Mr Moonlight7108296563?68101090-
5Miss Caroline Newley126133757?31144411
6Call My Name11121281011818?84881092
7How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?3131282335?73515610
8All I Needed Was Your Love271321121?12463312
9Home Again12444649910?4123283-
10Let It All Go10326556712?567377-
11Harry My Honolulu Lover991074810102?115971014
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Two - The 1970s by Gordon Roxburgh
  • As mentioned above, it is not known how the Manchester jury voted, but this did not affect the outcome. (Final placings cannot, however, be calculated in all cases from the available data).
  • Mary Ann reached No. 42 in the UK charts.

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Black Lace at The Eurovision Song Contest 1979


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1979

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel on Saturday 31st March 1979, Mary Ann finished in 7th place with 73 points. The song was conducted by Ken Jones.

John Dunn provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Ray Moore provided the commentary for BBC Radio 2.