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Transmission Date:Friday 31st March 1978
Channel:BBC One
Venue:Royal Albert Hall


Terry Wogan
Musical Director:Alyn Ainsworth


Stewart Morris
Sound:Chris Holcombe
Lighting:Bert Robinson
Design:Victor Meredith


Fourteen regional juries: Aberdeen, Norwich, Manchester, Bangor, Southampton, Leeds, Belfast, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Newcastle & Plymouth

Winning Song:

The Bad Old Days



1. Shine It On by Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
2. Oh, No, Look What You've Done by Wayne Bickerton & Tony Waddington
3. Door In My Face by Chris Crash, Gary Croudace & Neville Crozier
4. Moments by Jacquie Sullivan
5. Too Much In Love by Wayne Bickerton & Tony Waddington
6. Lonely Nights by Paul Curtis
7. One Glance by Paul Curtis
8. The Bad Old Days by Stephanie De-Sykes & Stuart Slater
9. We Got It Bad by Bob James & Labi Siffre
10. Don't Bother To Knock - Kenny Lynch, Colin-Horton Jennings & Steve O'Donnell
11. Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way - Irving Martin & Peter Morris
12. Solid Love - Labi Siffre
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SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersPointsPosition
1Shine It OnBill Martin & Phil CoulterChristian (Christopher Gill McClure)-1143
2Oh, No, Look What You've DoneWayne Bickerton & Tony WaddingtonBrown Sugar Uti Kooffreh, Stellina McCarthy & Salli Kamara4911
3Door In My FaceChris Crash, Gary Croudace & Neville CrozierThe Fruit Eating Bears Chris Crash, Gary Croudace & Neville Crozier4911
4MomentsJacquie SullivanJacquie Sullivan-1066
5Too Much In LoveWayne Bickerton & Tony WaddingtonSunshine Bryce Norrie, Stuart Bingham, Rosaleen McCerlaine & James Meredith818
6Lonely NightsPaul CurtisRonnie France-689
7One GlancePaul CurtisThe Jarvis Brothers Anderson,Steven,Michael & Tony Jarvis1143
8The Bad Old DaysStephanie De-Sykes & Stuart SlaterCo-Co Terry Bradford, Keith Hasler, Cheryl Baker, Josephine Andrews, Paul Rogers & Charlie Brennon1351
9We Got It BadBob James & Labi SiffreBob James-6610
10Don't Bother To KnockKenny Lynch, Colin-Horton Jennings & Steve O'DonnellMidnight Jimmy Chambers, Ruby James & Tony Stackton1162
11Don't Let Me Stand In Your WayIrving Martin & Peter MorrisBabe RainbowPatricia Henry, Ellen Warren, Nikki Wright & Cheryl Augustine847
12Solid LoveLabi SiffreLabi Siffre-1105



1st. The Bad Old Days - Co-Co
2nd. Don't Bother To Knock - Midnight 
3rd =. Shine It On - Christian 
3rd =. One Glance - The Jarvis Brothers
5th. Solid Love - Labi Siffre
6th. Moments - Jacquie Sullivan
7th. Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way - Babe Rainbow
8th. Too Much In Love - Sunshine
9th. Lonely Nights - Ronnie France
10th. We Got It Bad - Bob James
11th =. Oh, No, Look What You've Done - Brown Sugar
11th =. Door In My Face - The Fruit Eating Bears 
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1Shine It On121191054111212793541143=
2Oh, No, Look What You've Done722132295231464911=
3Door In My Face2172173323121054911=
5Too Much In Love935426107956762818
6Lonely Nights14184512110711121689
7One Glance67359126111191241181143=
8The Bad Old Days1112121110117431111128121351
9We Got It Bad36103121418145176610
10Don't Bother To Knock49861110857128107111162
11Don't Let Me Stand In Your Way554978510665923847
12Solid Love10106126912844289101105
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Two - The 1970s by Gordon Roxburgh
  • The Bad Old Days reached No. 13 in the UK charts.

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Co-Co at The Eurovision Song Contest 1978


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1978

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 in Paris, France on Saturday 22nd April 1978, The Bad Old Days finished in 11th place with 61 points. The song was conducted by Alyn Ainsworth.

Terry Wogan provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Ray Moore provided the commentary for both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.