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In 1977, A Song for Europe was due to be broadcast live at 19.30 on Wednesday 9th March 1977 on BBC1, however it was hit by industrial action by cameramen and the television broadcast could not go ahead.

Arrangements were made for the show to be broadcast in sound only on BBC Radio 2's Long Wave service. This went out by deferred transmission at 21.02. BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2's VHF service broadcast the scheduled programme.
Transmission Date:Wednesday 9th March 1977
Channel:BBC Radio 2 Long Wave (see above)
Venue:New London Theatre


Terry Wogan
Musical Director:Ronnie Hazlehurst


Stewart Morris
Sound:Chris Holcombe
Lighting:Tommy Thomas
Design:Bernard Lloyd-Jones


Fourteen regional juries: Belfast, Bristol, Aberdeen, Leeds, Bangor, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle & Plymouth

Winning Song:

Rock Bottom
Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran



SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersPointsPosition
1What Do You Say To LoveNick Ryan & Robin SlaterMary Mason-1322
2Where Were You When I Needed Your LoveJohn Macleod & Dave MeyersThe Foundations Leroy Carter, John Savile, Valentine Pascal, Clem Curtis & Georges Delanbanque1253
3Leave A Little LoveAlan Hawkshaw & Ray CameronTony Monopoly (aka Antonio Rosario Monopoli)-669
4If Everybody Loved The Same As YouGeoff Stephens & Don BlackLyn Paul (aka Linda Susan Belcher)-746
5Just For YouBiddu, Gerry Shury & Ron RokerHigh SocietyGarry Travers, Joy Yates, Jacquie Sullivan & Alex Keenan746
6A Little Give, A Little TakeRoger Greenaway & Tony Macaulay  (aka Anthony Instone)Carl Wayne (aka Colin David Tooley)-6210
7Rock BottomLynsey De Paul (aka Lynsey Monckton Rubin) & Mike MoranLynsey De Paul (aka Lynsey Monckton Rubin) & Mike Moran-1431
8You're My Sweet SensationMelvyn Taggart & Raymond RobertsSweet Sensation Vincent James, St Clair Palmer, Seaton Daye & Ricki Patrick738
9Swings And RoundaboutsRichard Crowe & Nicholas PortlockVal Stokes-5712
10Everybody KnowsFreddie PhillipsBeano Freddie Phillips, Ken Smith, Ray Johnson &John Birch6011
11After All This TimeDavid Mindel & Gary BensonWesley, Park & Smith Steve Womack, Lennie Wesley, Terence Jenkinson & Christopher Smith Eusatu1065
12Promises, PromisesRichard Gillinson & David HayesRags Jill Shirley, Steve Glen & Nichola Martin1204



  • A detailed scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices
1What Do You Say To Love71010101191210976121091322
2Where Were You When I Needed Your Love1011841087711117912101253
3Leave A Little Love1771412137621032669
4If Everybody Loved The Same As You44562555895763746
5Just For You111389622644198746
6A Little Give, A Little Take566774441193146210
7Rock Bottom1212121212118912312511121431
8You're My Sweet Sensation254231036288677738
9Swings And Roundabouts8223516151212815712
10Everybody Knows33151311123234456011
11After All This Time681111621011410118261065
12Promises, Promises9999879810510115111204
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Two - The 1970s by Gordon Roxburgh
  • Rock Bottom reached No. 19 in the UK charts.
  • Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran also recorded a German version of the song entitled Fur Immer.

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Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran at The Eurovision Song Contest 1977


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1977

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 in Wembley, United Kingdom on Saturday 7th May1977, Rock Bottom finished in 2nd place with 121 points. The song was conducted by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

Pete Murray provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Terry Wogan provided the commentary for both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.

For more information on the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 go to the Host Years section.