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In 1970, the six songs in contention to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest were performed by Mary Hopkin during It's Cliff Richard on BBC One for six consecutive weeks commencing on 24th January 1970, with all six songs being featured in a special A Song for Europe edition of It's Cliff Richard on Saturday 7th March 1970.
Transmission Date:Saturday 7th March 1970
(Recorded on Sunday 18th January 1970)
Channel:BBC One


Cliff Richard
Performer:Mary Hopkin
Musical Director:Johnny Arthey
Backing Vocals:Brian Bennett & John Evans


Michael Hurll
Sound:Hugh Barker
Lighting:Peter Smee
Designer:David Drewery
Costume:Rupert Jarvis


Public postal vote


It's Cliff Richard
Saturday 14th March 1970

Winning Song:

Knock Knock (Who's There)
Mary Hopkin

  • Only the performance of the last placed song - Early In The Morning Of Your Life - survives from the It's Cliff Richard show in the BBC archives.


  • The scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop and laptop devices

1Three ShipsGuy Fletcher & Doug Flett60,3303
2Early In The Morning Of Your LifeAlan Hawkshaw & Ray Cameron15,0906
3I'm Going To Fall In Love AgainCyril Ornadel & Hal Shaper74,6702
4You've Everything You NeedAnthony Dyball & Roger Reynolds39,3605
5Can I BelieveValerie Avon & Harold Spiro42,1604
6Knock Knock (Who's There)John Carter & Geoff Stephens120,2901
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Two - The 1970s by Gordon Roxburgh

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  • Knock Knock (Who's There) reached No. 2 in the UK charts.

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Mary Hopkin at The Eurovision Song Contest 1970


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1970

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1970 in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Saturday 21st March 1970, Knock Knock (Who's There) finished in 2nd place with 26 points. The song was conducted by Johnny Arthey.

David Gell provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Tony Brandon provided the commentary for both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2.