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Following the format from the previous year, the Eurovision Song Contest of 1960 - British Finals. involved two heats, each with six songs, and the top three from each going forward to the final.

However seven songs appeared in the final - three from the first heat and four from the second - because there was a tie for first place in the second heat.

Transmission Date (Final):Saturday 6th February 1960
Channel:BBC Television
Venue(Final):BBC TV Theatre


David Jacobs
Orchestra Conductor:
Eric Robinson
Orchestra:The Eric Robinson Orchestra
Orchestra Leader:David McCallum
Musical Associate:Alan Bristow


Harry Carlisle
Settings:Richard Levin


Seven regional juries: South of England, Midlands, North of England Scotland, Wales, West of England & Northern Ireland, with fifteen people in each jury

Winning Song:

Looking, High, High, High
Bryan Johnson


Heat 1Tuesday 2nd February 1960

01As The Big Dipper DippedDon LangKen Hare
02Friendly StreetBenny LeeColin Cleaver
03Pickin' PetalsPearl Carr & Teddy JohnsonStan Butcher
Syd Cordell
04Each TomorrowMalcolm VaughanChris Charles
Ronald Bridges
05UnexpectedlyLita Roza Susan Morrel
06Mi Amor David Hughes with
Jimmy Fraser (Guitar)
Frederick Lydiate
Harry Rabinowitz

Heat 2Thursday 4th February 1960

01Teenage TearsVince EagerRonald Bridges
02Love, Kisses And HeartachesMarion KeeneDavid Green
Susan Morrel
03When The Tide TurnsRosemary SquiresDavid West (aka Norman Newell)
Manioli Di Veroli
04Girl With A Curl Ronnie CarrollDonald Phllips
05Love Me A LittleDennis LotisHoward Barnes
Cliff Adams
06Looking, High, High, HighBryan JohnsonJohn Watson



FinalSaturday 6th February 1960
  • The scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop and laptop devices

  • Only the final positions of the top three songs are known

1When The Tide TurnsPearl Carr & Teddy JohnsonDavid West (aka Norman Newell) & Manioli Di VeroliUnknown
2Girl With A Curl Ronnie CarrollDonald PhllipsUnknown
3Each TomorrowMalcolm VaughanChris Charles & Ronald Bridges3
4Mi Amor David Hughes with Jimmy Fraser (Guitar)Frederick Lydiate & Harry Rabinowitz2
5UnexpectedlyLita Roza Susan MorrelUnknown
6Looking, High, High, HighBryan JohnsonJohn Watson1
7Love Me A LittleDennis LotisHoward Barnes & Cliff AdamsUnknown
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume One - The1950s and 1960s by Gordon Roxburgh

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  • Looking, High, High, High reached No. 20 in the UK charts.

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Bryan Johnson at The Eurovision Song Contest 1960


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1960

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1960 in London, United Kingdom on Tuesday 29th March 1960, Looking, High, High, High finished in 2nd place with 25 points. The song was conducted by Eric Robinson.

David Jacobs provided the commentary for BBC Television.

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