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In 2019, the BBC adopted a new format for Eurovision: You Decide, with each of the three competing songs being performed in two different ways, by two different acts. Six acts, three songs.

A celebrity panel then decided which three acts and version of each song went forward to face a public tele-vote to determine which song and artist would represent the United Kingdom at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel on Saturday 18th May 2019.

The various versions of the three songs in contention were premiered online and during The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 commencing on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.
Transmission Date:Friday 8th February 2019
Channel:BBC Two
Venue:Dock 10 Studios


Mel Giedroyc
Måns Zelmerlöw
Panel:Rylan Clark-Neal
Marvin Humes
Mollie King
Guest Performers:Katrina Leskanich
The Fizz

Executive Producer:

Mel Balac
Series Producer:Lee Smithurst
Director:Simon Staffurth
Title Music::Te Deum (Eurovision Dance Mix)
Tomer G
Writers:Edward af Sillén
Richard Easter
Music ConsultantGreig Watts
Choreography:Paul Domaine
Vocal Coach:Mark De-Lisser
Make-Up Supervisor:Sarah Burrows
Medley Arrangement:Fredrik Sonefors
Costume Designer:Faye Sawyer
Set Designer:Joshua Grace
Stage Manager:Vicky Madden
Floor Manager:Mark Harrison
Post Production:Envy Post Production
Location Sound:Rob Kingsbury
VT Editor:Nick King
Location Cameras:Arron Bowen
Siggi Rosen Rawlings
Online Editor:Marc Corrance
Vision Mixer:Simon Sanders
Graphics:Potion Pictures
EVS Operator:Neil Belcher
Studio Facilities:Dock 10 Studios
Graphics Operator:Jeremy Tidy
Camera Supervisor:Phil Piotrowsky
Script Supervisors:Cecilia Savage
Silvana Job
Sound Supervisor:Howard Nock
Lighting Designer:Chris Kempton
Production Assistant:Callum Lawrence
Publicity:Lizzi Morton
Production Coordinator:Gabriella Domonkos
Researcher:Anastazia Piena┼╝ek
Business Affairs Executive:Selena Harvey
Digital Executive Producer:Nora Ryan
Assistant Producer:Florence Mercer
Series VT Producer/Director:James Taylor
Contingency Producer:Steve Hocking
Judges' Producer:Kim Winston
Commissioning Editor:Rachel Ashdown
Head of Production:Paul Williams
Production Manager:Sara Hulme


Round 1 - Professional jury
Round 2 - Televoting

Winning Performance:

Bigger Than Us
Michael Rice
  • A recording of Eurovision: You Decide 2019 still exists in the BBC archives.
  • Overnight ratings (i.e. before any catch-up viewing) indicated that the broadcast was watched by 1.17 million viewers with a market share of 6.4%. This compared with 920,000 viewers and a 4.8% share for the previous year's edition.


SONGComposer(s)Performer(s)Group MembersVotesPosition
1Sweet LiesMaria Broberg, Lise Cabble & Esben SvaneKerrie-Anne-UnknownUnknown
2Sweet LiesMaria Broberg, Lise Cabble & Esben SvaneAnisa-N/A - Eliminated by judgesUnknown
3FreaksJon Maguire, Rick Parkhouse, Corey Sanders & George TizzardJordan Clarke-UnknownUnknown
4FreaksJon Maguire, Rick Parkhouse, Corey Sanders & George TizzardMAIDBlythe Jandoo, Miracle Chance & Kat KleveN/A - Eliminated by judgesUnknown
5Bigger Than UsLaurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik & Jonas ThanderHolly Tandy-N/A - Eliminated by judgesUnknown
6Bigger Than UsLaurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik & Jonas ThanderMichael Rice-Unknown1
  • Precise voting details were not revealed to the public.
  • Bigger Than Us did not enter the UK charts.

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Michael Rice at The Eurovision Song Contest 2019


At The Eurovision Song Contest 2019

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At the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel on Saturday 18th May 2019, it was announced that Bigger Than Us finished in 26th - and last - place with 16 points. However, on 22nd May 2019 the EBU announced that "due to a human error an incorrect aggregated [jury vote] result was used…[although] the overall winner and Top 4 songs of the Contest remain unchanged". However, as a result, the final points tally for the United kingdom was reduced to 11 points. The revised vote allocation made no difference to the United Kingdom's placing in the Contest.

Graham Norton provided the TV commentary for BBC 1. Ken Bruce provided the radio commentary for BBC Radio 2. Rylan Clark-Neal acted as BBC spokesperson, announcing the results of the United Kingdom professional jury.

Scott Mills and Rylan Clark-Neal provided the commentary for BBC Four Television for the semi-finals held on Tuesday 14th May 2019 and Thursday 16th May 2019.