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In 1989, the eight songs in contention to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest were presented in the A Song for Europe final on Friday 24th March 1989, having been premiered in various programmes on BBC Radio 2 between Monday 20th March 1989 and Thursday 23rd March 1989. A separate results show was broadcast on Friday 24th March 1989 with the selection of the winning song undertaken by public phone vote..
Transmission Date:Friday 24th March 1989

BBC Radio 2
Results Show:BBC One: 21.55-22.10
BBC Radio 2: 22.00-22.10
Venue:BBC Television Centre


Terry Wogan
Radio Commentary:Ken Bruce
Musical Director:Ronnie Hazlehurst
Panel:Deke Arlen
Leslie Bricusse
Gary Davies


Yvonne Littlewood
Sound:Hugh Barker
Lighting:Bill Millar
Design:James Grant


Public phone vote

Winning Song:

Why Do I Always Get It Wrong
Live Report



  • The scoreboard for this event may be viewed on desktop and laptop devices

1Oh, Oh, Reckon I Must Be I LoveValerie ShaneMichael PrattUnknown
2One Lonely HeartSteve MartinPeter Callander4
3Sing Little BirdiePearl Carr & Teddy JohnsonStan Butcher & Syd Cordell1
4SuccessJohn HansonRalph Ruvin, Harold Irving &Dick James (aka Isaac Vapnick)Unknown
5SuddenlyGlen MasonMichael Pratt3
6This Is My TownLita Roza John S Rossiter(Harold Cornelius, Dominic John & Bob Halfin) 2
Voting information taken with permission from Songs For Europe Volume Three - The 1980s by Gordon Roxburgh
  • Live Report's original group name was Midnight Blue

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  • Why Do I Always Get It Wrong reached No. 73 in the UK charts.

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Live Report at The Eurovision Song Contest 1989


At The Eurovision Song Contest 1989

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland on Saturday 6th May 1989, Why Do I Always Get It Wrong finished in 2nd place with 130 points. The song was conducted by Ronnie Hazlehurst.

Terry Wogan provided the commentary for BBC One Television. Ken Bruce provided the commentary for BBC Radio 2.